TONIGHT! Graphic Novel Book Club pick: Seiichi Hayashi's Red Colored Elegy!

Join us at the store TONIGHT Wednesday, May 21 at 7 p.m. to discuss Seiichi Hayashi's marvelous Red Colored Elegy!

Red Colored Elegy, originally published in Japanese in 1970-71, portrays the sparse world of a melancholy, disenfranchised couple, who struggle to get by and to relate to one another. Seiichi Hayashi was inspired by both the underground Japanese comics of the time and French New Wave cinema, the result of which is a disorienting and achingly beautiful graphic portrayal of love, or something like it.

Hayashi was trying to import the disjunctive innovations of French new-wave cinema to the comics page. The result is a condensed visual poetry that still feels avant-garde nearly forty years later. – Chris Lanier, for The Believer

Seiichi Hayashi’s elegant and startling images mix cartooning with keen observation to unfurl a narrative as delicate as a moth’s wing. – David Mazzucchelli, City of Glass

Hosted by store staffer Helen Chau Bradley. Refreshments will be provided and conversation will be lively - and bilingual! Come one, come all! The event is free and there is a 20% discount on Red Colored Elegy starting now!

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