Recap: James Kochalka Launch + Kids Drawing Day!

Last week, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly had a gosh darn wonderful time with national treasure James Kochalka, he of Monkey vs. Robot fame and former Vermont cartoonist laureate. There were acapella songs, a Glorkian drawing tutorial, and readings, not to mention unlimited juice. It was off the hook.

Juice boxes in hand, the kids settled in and got their crayons ready. James started with a Glorkian Warrior song, which sure got the attention of the kids. We don't quite remember the lyrics, but rest assured: they were awesome. James is basically the Vermontian Maria von Trapp.

After reading the first chapter, James asked if they wanted to hear the second. After a brief pause there was a resounding yes. James: "I'm not sure what I would have done if you'd said no!"

Enraptured children waiting for James to show them how to draw the Glorkian Warrior. Inquiring minds longed to know: “How do you keep drawing him? What happens if you are drawing him so totally slowly, as slowly as you can, and you get tired and can never finish?” Oh kids and there unbearably surreal/wise questions.

James showing some examples of shapes turning into different monsters and aliens. Believe it or not, that bottom blob turned into a rabbit. I know. I was shocked too.

Afterwards the kids stuck around to produce masterpieces, including these GLORIOUS princesses by a Mysterious Artist. Someone get this person a Baboom! Comics deal, stat. For the record, if I were an animal princess, I would be a Hedgehog Princess. Hopefully the Mysterious Artist comes back so I can commission that drawing. Thanks again to everyone who came out, and to James Kochalka, who let us have such a wonderful afternoon with him!

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