Get it while it's hot: The Pitchfork Review no. 2!

Since 1996, Pitchfork has been a web-only publication, and having achieved more or less total dominance over other, older, print-based music magazines over the last … dear god, has it been almost twenty years? … there's been no need for them to venture into tree-based media. Until now! A new school of lavishly-printed, beautifully-designed magazines (Apartamento, Kinfolk, and Lucky Peach all come to mind) have really reinvigorated the market for periodicals, and The Pitchfork Review is the indie music giant's quarterly, perfect-bound entry into this esteemed company.

At 200 pages of high-quality paper stock, Pitchfork is clearly keen to make their magazine something worth keeping on your shelf for posterity, and the content is equally worthy of the vehicle! Issue 2 contains:

- An Ellen Willis tribute/retrospective
- Features on Kate Bush by David Toop, Scott Miller by Franklin Bruno, Can's Holger Czukay by Geeta Dayal, Sun Kil Moon by Pitchfork Editor-in-Chief Mark Richardson, and Stanley Kubrick by Gary Giddins
- A photo essay from Matthew Barney and Jonathan Bepler
- Republished stories from the web with new sidebar content/insights
- And, perhaps most interesting to you, our customers: 20 pages of comics from Kate Prior, Aisha Franz, Johnny Sampson, and others!

The new issue also comes with a limited edition 7" that features exclusive tracks by Kurt Vile and the Lovetones with a B-Side from Watery Love. Vile selected Watery Love, from his hometown of Philadelphia, and artist and Kurt Vile collaborator Stephen Powers (whose book, Love Letter to the City, is in stock at our store) was commissioned to create art for the single. This disc is the first in an ongoing 7-inch series that will be exclusive to each of the next three issues of The Pitchfork Review. And we'll have them all! Stay tuned for more info, kids.

Oh, and we still have copies of issue no. 1, too!

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