Kids' Day Recap!

On Sunday, June 8th, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly was delighted to host Kids' Day with local authors Nadine Robert (Joseph Fipps, Le Vaillant Petit Gorille) and Marianne Dubuc (The Lion and the Bird, L'autobus). It's safe to say that a whale of a time was had by all! Nadine and Marianne read to the rapt audience of children, cookies and juice were enthusiastically devoured, and then the kids drew and coloured up a storm. Here are some photos of the cuteness that ensued:

Here's Nadine reading from Ohara Hale's L'arbre brocoli, the tale of a tree whose reputation for smelliness causes other creatures to him a wide berth, until two brave souls discover that he's actually quite a lovely fellow. Friendship prevails through any and all foul smells in this charming story!

Next, Marianne Dubuc read from L'autobus, and as you can see, the kids (and parents) were really into it! Clara hops on the bus for the first time all by herself, bound for Grandma's house. Little does she know that the journey will become a genuine adventure when her fellow passengers turn out to be all sorts of animals! 

After story time ended and the cookies and juice were but a lovely, sugary memory, the kids did some drawing and colouring while the authors signed books and the parents mingled.

In case your curiosity was piqued by the description of the aforementioned aromatic broccoli tree, here you can catch a glimpse of him in the bottom right corner, about to be coloured by a happy child.

This event was really a lot of fun for everyone involved, and it was a great pleasure to have the store filled with so many adorable little readers! We would like to extend our thanks to the authors, kids, parents, Comme des géants, Enchanted Lion, and everyone who participated. We'll keep you posted about any future Kids' Days on the horizon.

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