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Monday, 23 June 2014

Look who's on the cover of Artforum now!

It seems like just yesterday Julien Ceccaldi, beloved Librairie D+Q mainstay, was working at the bookstore, doing karaoke with us, and putting up blog posts like this one about new issues of Artforum. And then, a few months after he moved on, we got our paws on the latest issue of Mould Map, featuring a cover by none other than our very own J Ceccaldi. NOW, he's hit the cover of Artforum, and we couldn't be happier for him. There's not a harder-working, weirder-comics-loving fella in the biz.

Congratulations, Julien!!

{Astute readers take note: this photo was not taken at the Librairie, but in another bookstore in LONDON, England, of all the fancy schmancy places. We still have *one* copy of Artforum at the Librairie. Go snag yrs today. Also featured: Art Spiegelman, Cory Arcangel, and more.}

And in other dispatches of awesome former Librairie D+Q employees:

The newest issue of the weird and wonderful Hobo magazine features another beloved former D+Qer: Fiona Duncan has the cover interview with Tilda Swinton. We have copies of this one in stock too  - come on down. Savour a few lines of the piece in that link above… you know you want it.

Ok, phew! I guess I'd better sign off so I can get out there and achieve something now. A mighty fine felicitations a vous deux.

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