Out now: Carsick by John Waters!

Imagine stopping along an interstate to pick up a hitchhiker and finding John Waters, the infamous pope of trash cinema, in your car. This recently happened to a number of people -- among them, an 81-year-old farmer, an indie band on tour, and a young, corvette-driving Republican -- who found themselves involved in the 66-year-old director's latest project: traversing America from Baltimore to the Bay Area in other peoples' vehicles. All the tales he amassed on that trip are collected in his new book, just arrived at our store: Carsick: John Waters Hitchikes Across America.

Of course, the book also includes a large number of stories that didn't actually occur on the trip. In fact, the first third of the book is composed of fantasies about the best and worst-case scenarios that could ensue from Waters' book pitch, among which the reader will find Waters having sex with Johnny Davenport, his favourite porn star, playing "Meat Wheel" with traveling hipsters, and acquiring a magical singing rectum via a tryst with an alien. Time, it seems, has not dimmed Waters' singular imagination.

As the New York Times recently noted, "Mr. Waters has long been that relative rarity among American film directors. He can write. His memoirish volume Role Models (2010) is observant and light on its feet, and his essays and journalism, sure to be collected in their entirety someday, are fond, exotic, well groomed, debonair — 'natty,' to borrow one of my father’s favorite words." Carsick offers similar pleasures, and a great opportunity to spend some time with Waters' subversive wit, warm intelligence, and outrageous anecdotes. A perfect road trip companion!

Check out this interview with the hitcher himself on NPR!

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