Out Today from D+Q: Benson's Cuckoos by Anouk Ricard!

To eagle-eyed readers of comics and children's books, Anouk Ricard's name will be familiar: she's the brain behind Anna & Froga, the series of charmingly deadpan, witty books about Anna and her circle of animal friends. So you should all be excited about D&Q's latest Ricard project, because it's one of Anouk's adult humour books, and it is super duper hilarious.

Benson's Cuckoos follows a duck-billed protagonist named Richard as he joins a cuckoo-clock factory's office staff with a totally insane, themed-hat wearing overlord of a boss, and even weirder, scatterbrained coworkers who don't ever appear to be getting work done, but are certainly up to something. Workplace hijinks aside, there's something amiss at Benson's Cuckoos, and Richard ends up embroiled in a mystery of ridiculous proportions.


Richard has been hired to replace another worker, the beloved George (a lion) who has quit without warning. What at first appears to be a coworker finally leaving what appears to be the worst office this side of Michael Scott/David Brent's paper companies becomes a fever dream of anxiety, complete with screwball comedy and a sweet little bit of romance thrown in.

Anouk's humour fluctuates between dry, majestic deadpan jokes and the type of awkward, cringe comedy that one would expect from a workplace comedy.

Benson's Cukoos is a witty, charming story, with immensely memorable characters and an insane, thrilling plot that you'll love. All of you. So pick it up, why dont'cha!?

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