Recap: Sam Alden & Ohara Hale Double Launch!

On Thursday, June 12th, we were thrilled to host store favourites Sam Alden and Ohara Hale for their double launch celebrating Ohara's Moderne Luv and upcoming Who Did It, and Sam Alden's It Never Happened Again.

Sam and Ohara were excited to be introducing each other, with both of them lookin' like a couple o' cuties. I mean look at that photo! Those are some good looking, talented folks up there.

Ohara introduced Sam with an eerily accurate drawing of him, and some super factual information about him, some examples being that Sam is cool, Sam loves pink (the colour), and also has a secret crush on Pink the singer ("jk jk jk jk lol lol"). He has also story-boarded half an episode of Adventure Time. Sam lives in Montreal.

Sam read from Anime, one of the two stories in It Never Happened Again. Anime tells the story of a young woman from a small town who is obsessed with Japanese culture and makes the ill-advised decision to move there. Socially awkward yet endearingly sincere, Alden's narrative respects the character in a way that makes her deeply relatable.

On the topic of process, Sam mentioned how important he found it to talk about since it's a process that seems so opaque, and is different for everyone. For It Never Happened Again, he wrote out the script, and figured out all the important things he needed to say before starting. He wanted to focus on a socially inept but sympathetic teenaged anime fan. Sam also had the experience of living with his parents, doing a bunch of crappy jobs (was a “muffin man” on the Twilight movie, for your reference). He saved enough money to get to Japan, and it was such a disaster. They had only budgeted enough to get there and therefore couldn’t eat food or spend any money, so they basically just walked around all day until they had to sleep again.

Sam provided Ohara Hale's introduction next, with a very helpful drawing. "I drew this an hour ago, she draws comics, she is working on her presentation right now." Ohara is an artist who makes books for kids, grown ups, and penguins. She grew up in Missouri but lives in Montreal, she sings and does comics, and her brother is in a Mountain Dew commercial. Very important information.

Ohara read from her newest comic, Moderne Luv. Moderne Luv is an astute look at love and relationships through the eyes of a "weird boob and a penis." She also talked about a few new zines because she brought a bunch. Made some risograph comics for tonight as well, shows pages from “Veronica” about an angry sneaker. 

After their presentations, everyone stuck around to party lightly and get their Tit Zines signed. Sam thanked everyone for coming out in such crappy weather, and mentioned he washed his pants especially for this event. That's a big deal. Thanks for coming out, everyone!

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