Summer Reads - Jason

My Struggle: Book 1 - Karl Ove Knausgaard

I'm going in! I can't hold back any longer, the compulsion is too great! More than once I've heard this sort of pronouncement from a customer in the store about to purchase the first volume of Knausgaard's celebrated series of memoirs and now, I too will be taking the plunge. Even if I'm just a little bummed that this new jacket is a spoiler that he grows a beard.

The Love Bunglers -  Jaime Hernandez

One of most acclaimed Jaime H. stories (collected from vols 1-4 of Love & Rockets: New Stories) that has both been the recipient of a bunch of awards and compared to Updike and Proust...looking forward!

Karate Chop - Dorthe Nors

What's a summer without a killer batch of short stories? Ever since I was a kid, a compendium of short works has accompanied me to the beach, to the lake, to the city and to the backyard. This year I'm going with Danish author Nors acclaimed collection of poetic and unsettling tales. I read short stories like I drink my summer shandies, sipped slowly for the first couple then two or three shot back in quick succession just before bed.

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