Summer Reads - Kids Edition!

I thought we would be remiss to do all our summer picks and not suggest beach/campfire reads for the little chickadees in our lives, so below are the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly's summer reads for kids!

Dreamwood - Heather Mackey
In her debut  novel, Heather Mackey creates a gorgeous universe full of wonder, mythical beasts, and adventure. It has a touch of steampunk, a bit of a Supernatural influence, and a powerful female protagonist? What more could a kid want? The book follows Lucy Darrington as she escapes her boarding school to look for her father (an expert on the supernatural, natch), who has been away a little too long for her comfort. But upon arriving at the last place her father was seen, she discovers that he's been missing for quite some time, and it is up to her to find him. Ages: 9-12

Through the Woods - Emily Carroll (out July 15th)
Through the Woods is Emily Carroll's hotly anticipated, eerie and terrifying graphic novel. The book contains five mysterious, spine-tingling stories, all with a decidedly fairy tale influence. Emily Carroll, whose work has, up until now, only been available online in webcomic form, is a comics voice to watch out for; her gloomy, unsettling stories will be sure to haunt you for a long time to come. Ages: 10-16

Chi's Sweet Home - Konami Kanata
Chi's Sweet Home is about as straight-forward as a story can get: kitten gets separated from its cat family, kitten is found by a human family, kitten adjusts to human life. And yet it's so. damn. appealing! We in the bookstore like to say that this series is so overwhelmingly cute, you can only really read one page at a time. And that is basically true, except that children have a cuteness tolerance we cannot even begin to fathom. Take the first five volumes camping with your kiddie and they will be feeling weirdly empathetic towards your cat when you're back home. Aussi disponible en fran├žais! Ages: 6-12

Tinkerlab - Rachelle Doorley
I've worked enough Kids' Drawing Days to be able to tell you that your kids are geniuses. Like, straight up. So why not foster that genius with Tinkerlab: A Hands-On Guide for Little Inventors? This great DIY book includes 55 experiments to encourage curiosity and creativity in your little ones. Some of the coolest among these 55 are the monoprint project (single ink printmaking), gumdrop structures, and a rope/pulley system for your backyard. 55 no-school-for-the-summer days of guaranteed non-boredom. Ages: 4-8


This One Summer - Jillian and Mariko Tamaki
I'm not even going to pretend to introduce you guys to this book. It's our book club pick, it's awesome, you're buying it or you've already bought it. Published in May and already receiving acclaim, This One Summer is a beautiful, intelligent coming of age story focused on a preteen girl old enough to witness the angst surrounding her, but not quite old enough to be invited in. Mariko Tamaki's slow burning tension and unromantic nostalgia is perfectly matched by Jillian Tamaki's purple ink washes and character-focused illustrations. One thing I would say is that we see a lot more adults buying this than teenagers/pre-teens. Don't hog the graphic novels, you guys. Aussi disponible en fran├žais. Ages: 12+

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