Summer Reads: Marcela

Andre the Giant - Box Brown
Bright yet brimming with an undercurrent of melancholy, Andre the Giant is a gem of a biographical comic. It tells the story of the literally larger than life André René Roussimoff (aka Andre the Giant), a pro-wrestler, actor in the cinematic classic The Princess Bride, and all-around pop-culture icon. This is a book to take to the park, with a can of Coke and a big ole' picnic. You'll leave it understanding Andre — his pain, his humour, his absolute dedication to the craft of wrestling. Such a great read.  

My Struggle Book 2 - Karl Ove Knausgaard
I read the first volume of My Struggle while on a plane ride, and it was the first time in my life I've ever wanted a trip to last longer. Which is like, sacrilege. The first volume of My Struggle ends with Knausgaard's reflections on death in relation to his father, while it looks like the second volume deals more with the disintegration of Karl Ove's first marriage, and the beginning of his relationship with his second wife, Linda. But Knausgaard is allowed to meander; he has 2700 pages to come back to his father's funeral. And I will be there, like the addict that I am.

Sunny Volume 3 - Taiyo Matsumoto
Taiyo Matsumoto is the creator of Tekkon Kinkreet, and a voice in manga that is unbelievably innovative. I've been following the Sunny series, about a foster home in Japan and the kids and caretakers who inhabit it, for two volumes now, so the third was bound to make it onto my list. Matsumoto makes what could be a somber, sullen story into a bright, hopeful world of hilarious, bratty children and charismatic adults. His kinetic illustration style suits the subject matter beautifully, and the occasionally colour spread is breathtaking.

Summer of sequels, y'all.

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