The Librairie D+Q Graphic Novel Club is TONIGHT at 7pm!

What could be better than a little reading and discussing on what I assume is going to be a scorcher of a July evening? If you can think of anything, you let me know, because I sure can't. So why don't you join us for the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly book club! Every month we hold a gathering, hosted by D+Q bookstore or D+Q publishing house staffers, who will each choose GNs both new and old, D+Q and non, to discuss between the comfortable four walls of the bookstore. Refreshments will be provided and discussion will be lively! Come, one, come all, bring a to attend and 20% discount on that months selection for the entire month! So what's the pick for July?

Why it's This One Summer, by Mariko and Jillian Tamaki! Published in May and already receiving acclaim, This One Summer is a beautiful, intelligent coming of age story focused on a preteen girl old enough to witness the angst surrounding her, but not quite old enough to be invited in. Mariko Tamaki's slow burning tension and unromantic nostalgia is perfectly matched by Jillian Tamaki's purple ink washes and character-focused illustrations. This event will be hosted by store staffer Marcela Huerta.

Oh, et une chose de plus: la version française de This One Summer, Cet été là, est maintenant disponible!

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