A snapshot of Bryan Lee O'Malley's Seconds, in anticipation of his in-store event on July 31st!

Hip hip hooray! The long-awaited day for Scott Pilgrim and Lost at Sea fans has arrived: Bryan Lee O'Malley's Seconds, his first post Pilgrim project, is finally available and in stock at your friendly neighbourhood D&Q bookstore! Seconds is a stand-alone graphic novel with an engaging cast of characters, a complex time-loop plot, and a darker outlook than the bright Scott Pilgrim series.

Katie, our often surly yet still sympathetic protagonist, is the owner and culinary mastermind of a successful restaurant - the "Seconds" of the title. Things are generally going fine for Katie - she is beloved at Seconds and working on opening a second restaurant, but she is in a bit of a rut and can't help wishing for her life to be better than it is. This is all well and good until she finds a mysterious house spirit who actually gives her a way to alter her past mistakes... 

Lis, the house spirit, presents as a fashion-forward fairy-type. But don't let her appearance fool you - she is no fun, cutesy sit-in-your-hand sprite!

Katie's new-found power seems like a real stroke of luck - until, of course, it isn't. Let's be real - when's the last time you read a story about self-serving alteration of the past that turned out well? The butterfly effect will get you every time!

Rounding out the cast are Max, Katie's charming ex; Andrew, the young chef Katie is having a fling with; and Hazel, the shy young server who just might know how to get Katie's magical muddle untangled. And what a muddle it is! Katie is transported from one reality to another as she desperately tries to undo one error after another.

These alternate-reality travel sequences really stand out. In his interview with Slate, O'Malley mentions having been inspired by contemporary European comic artists, like Blain (Quai d'Orsai, Donjon) and Kerascoët (Beauté, Donjon, Jolies Ténèbres), which is very apparent in these panels. Check out that gorgeous red tree of possibilities!   

Want more thoughts and opinions? Read an in-depth interview with Bryan over at Slate, and another one at the Comics Reporter. And then get ready for our in-store event on July 31st, hosted by Brad Mackay of the Doug Wright Awards! Tickets free with a purchase of the book! Come see us at 211 Bernard ouest, or give us a call: 514-279-2224!

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