Coming up: Kids Drawing Day with Ohara Hale!

Exciting news! Montreal artist and store friend Ohara Hale (L'abc de Monsieur Pizza, Moderne Luv) will be hanging out at our monthly Kids' Drawing Day on Sunday, July 27 at 10 a.m.! Co-presented by Kids Pop!
You might know the drill by now: we will provide the tables, chairs, pencil crayons, paper and snacks; guest artist Ohara will provide artistic inspiration in the form of a reading and a short drawing workshop; parents bring their kids, and kids bring their drawing skills and astounding imaginations! Recommended for kids aged 5-10!

We will also be selling copies of Ohara's new book series, Who Did It? 
From Publishers Weekly:
Five 10-page board books devoted to bodily emissions (and, more importantly, who’s responsible for them) comprise this proudly scatological boxed set from Canadian author-artist Hale. The books are a cacophony of sneezes, burps, flatulence, and excretion that feature na├»vely scrawled cartoon animals. As in life, the commentary surrounding these actions is just as prominent—it’s a mix of helpful advice (“Use toilet paper to wipe,” suggests a seahorse) and scatological humor (“Oh no! I peed on my toy!” sobs a rabbit). Guaranteed to deliver big laughs, as well as useful information, for families who don’t mind potty humor.  

Ohara Hale, a Montreal based artist, illustrator and published children's book author, has been self-publishing her own small zines of jokes and small comics such as "Pizza Doing Stuff" and "Butts Over Butt" over the past few years. She recently published Moderne Luv, her first 40 page comic book with Ray Ray Books, along with other smaller comics focusing on similar subject matter! Her bilingual ABC book, L'abc de monsieur Pizza, has been a big seller at the store ever since it arrived on our shelves!

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