F.I.N.A.L.L.Y: Flaneur in Stock!

Make that acronym stand for whatever you want; nothing matters in this moment except that Flaneur Issue 03 is finally out, and that thunking sound you just heard is everyone dropping everything they're doing and coming to pick it up. By the way, look at the amazing and wonderful Tammy Flowers' gorgeous two page spread (we are obviously huge fans):

Those familiar with the publication know that Flaneur presents one street per issue. Their mandate is that they will choose the street, "embrace [its] complexity, its layers and fragmented nature with a literary approach. It creates a meaningful correlation between places, stories, people and objects that aren’t necessarily related. The magazine is aware of its subjectivity." (Flaneur)

The Flaneur staff braved Montreal's freezing, snow covered landscape to present the gem of a city underneath, the "vibrant, vivacious, and dynamic hybrid of stories and people mirroring the clashes of identities that is Canada." Above is an excerpt from a photo shoot that captures Montreal choreographer and dancer Frédérick Gravel staging a street intervention playing with the street’s void and dance in static format.

There is a gorgeous set of glossy photo spreads with foods Montrealers will be all too familiar with: Nouveau Palais, Lester's Deli, Le Glacier Bilboquet. The dreamy, gleaming, diner-style photos avoid the high-end - rather, they are familiar and warm, shiny and bright, reminiscent of the feeling you get when you walk into Royal Sous-Marins with nothin' to lose.

Sound artist Lisa's feature, here in a close up. You can also listen to additional content on their website. The array of content in this issue of Flaneur is too much to discuss even in a blog post, so all I can say is come down, pick one up before they're gone or out of print, and bask in the glory of your city. I will admit that I teared up reading the intro, titled Canadian Blue. I think you will too.

Flaneur will be available for sale Saturday, July 5th (post Flaneur launch), so we're awaiting iPhone 5 level line-ups.

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