TONIGHT: Launch of the Montreal Review of Books: Summer Edition!

Summer is here and with it, plenty of time for reading!

Tonight at 7 p.m., help us celebrate the season's best in Quebec literature at the launch party for this year's summer issue of the Montreal Review of Books!

Three fabulous Montreal authors will join us to read from their most recent books: Heather O'Neill from her second novel, The Girl Who Was Saturday Night; Anna Leventhal from her collection of short stories, Sweet Affliction; and Guillaume Morissette from his first novel, New Tab. Both Anna's and Guillaume's books will be available at a 10% discount, while Heather's book will be available at a 20% discount, like all our hardcover fiction! We'll have plenty of copies of the summer issue of the mRb on hand – stop by to pick up your copy, share glass of wine with us, and take home some excellent literature!

We're beyond excited for these three local (and beyond) superstars to be reading here at the same time! We have hosted launches for all three of their books and are delighted to host them again!

From the author of the international bestseller Lullabies for Little Criminals comes The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, a coming-of-age novel set on the seedy side of Montreal’s St. Laurent Boulevard. Gorgeous twins Noushcka and Nicolas Tremblay live with their grandfather in a tiny, sordid apartment on St. Laurent Boulevard. They are hopelessly promiscuous, wildly funny and infectiously charming. They are also the only children of the legendary Québécois folksinger Étienne Tremblay, who was as famous for his brilliant lyrics about working-class life as he was for his philandering bon vivant lifestyle and his fall from grace. With all the wit and poignancy that made Baby such a beloved character in Lullabies for Little Criminals, O’Neill writes of an unusual family and what binds them together and tears them apart.

An excellent review of the book by Emma Healey in the National Post here! And another great review from

A pregnancy test is taken at a wedding, a bad diagnosis leads a patient to a surprising outlook, and a civic holiday becomes a dystopian nightmare. By turns caustic, tender, and creepily hilarious, Sweet Affliction reveals the frailties, perversions, and resilience of Anna Leventhal’s cast of city-dwellers.

"Leventhal’s work grasps multiple and brazen connections between sisters, lovers, strangers, friends. These stories wander and please. They knife unexpectedly. Truth is lodged in all the cuts. These stories 'know the things energy can do.'"

Tamara Faith Berger, author of Maidenhead

"Sweet Affliction is — no big deal or anything — one of the most successful, high-functioning, sometimes perfect collections of short stories I’ve read in recent memory."

Andrew Hood, author of The Cloaca

"These stories stand Canadian literature on its head — amazing characters, totally original and unexpected situations, absolutely hilarious and heartfelt prose — Anna Leventhal is a one-of-a-kind talent."

Lee Henderson, author of The Man Game 

Set in Montreal, New Tab spans a year in the life of a twenty-six year old videogame designer as he attempts to reset his life, in the process chronicling with humor disillusion, boredom, self-destruction, Facebook chats, Concordia University, bilingualism, good parties, bad parties, a backyard cinema, social anxiety and running a possibly illegal DIY venue.

Written in a simple yet bold and astonishing style, New Tab is a profoundly intimate tale of self-reinvention and ambiguous relationships. A sharp, funny, modern novel from one of the most unique new writers in Canada.

“Set in a Montreal as vividly its own as Richler's, Morissette's fresh and original generational take brims with uncommon observations, understood character and abundantly happy-sad situations. A terrific read and a shining souvenir.”
- David McGimpsey (author of Li'l Bastard)

“Weird, poetic, funny and original… I tore through it.”
- Jonathan Goldstein (host of WireTap on CBC Radio One)

“The deconstruction of regrets, an email with feelings and the screaming universe cement Morissette as both a master of the absurd and a seer of the real. I lol'd.”
- Melissa Broder (author of Meat Heart)

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