Now in Stock: Anders Nilsen's God and the Devil at War in the Garden

As the publishers of many of Nilsen's gorgeous comics, the Drawn & Quarterly family loves to see his work get the attention it deserves. It's therefore so awesome to be housing Anders' newest independent book with mini-comic insert, God and the Devil at War in the Garden/Conversation Gardening.

This picture has no relevant point or anything, I just needed to show you a close-up of that quintessential Anders Nilsen drawing style: the impeccable attention to detail is just too much to bear on this beautiful fold-out cover. I mean damn. It's no wonder he gets called "one of the finest cartoonists of the last decade," as Heidi MacDonald succinctly put it.

Nilsen's description of God and the Devil at War in the Garden is as follows: 

It has a story about the Devil that wasn’t quite ready for inclusion in Rage of Poseidon (it’s going to be in the German language edition of that book later this year). It’s in that format – the silhouettes. There’s also a short collaborative piece I did with a friend, novelist Kyle Beachy, and a piece about a vacant lot in my old neighborhood in Chicago. And there’s some drawings and things. 

And slipped in between front and back cover is the much-discussed mini-comic Conversation Gardening, which has been getting press everywhere from It's Nice That and Comics Beat.

Nilsen's idea to both shed light on and subvert Amazon's business practices is as ingenious as it is beautiful.. Included with the book is an invitation to the reader: if you send Nilsen your receipt (a formality to prove that you bought it from an independent bookstore, rather than Amazon) and a request or question, he will send you a personalized drawing in response! As if that wasn't incentive enough to pick up a copy, it is absolutely gorgeous to look at too.

What's not to love about Nilsen focusing his exasperation with online retail giant Amazon for its negative effects on the publishing world? Nothing, y'all. Absolutely nothing. Come pick it up so you can get your personalized Anders Nilsen drawing, make everybody jealous, and then give your neighbour stank face when you see them getting an Amazon package.

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