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Friday, 8 August 2014

Tonight: New York Lit Night in Montreal!

You are cordially invited to New York Lit Night in Montreal at the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly (211 Bernard ouest), an evening brought to you by This Is Happening Whether You Like It Or Not!  tonight at 7 p.m. The event will feature five young contemporary writers of the New York community. Hosting by Montreal writers - and founders of TIHWYLION, Guillaume Morissette (New Tab) and Ashley Opheim (founder of Metatron Press).

Guest readers:

--> SPENCER MADSEN, who runs the internet-savvy independent publisher Sorry House. His poetry collection, 'You Can Make Anything Sad', was published in April by Publishing Genius. He's paid people 5$ to review his book on Amazon (good or bad).

--> LUCY K SHAW, the managing editor of the web magazine Shabby Doll House. Her writing can be found online at http://lkshow.biz/.

--> SARAH JEAN ALEXANDER, whose collection of stories & poems, 'Wildlives', will be published next year by Big Lucks.

--> OSCAR BRUNO D'ARTOIS, who lives in Brooklyn, NY, and can be found on Twitter at @brunoartois.

--> GABBY BESS, who curates Illuminati Girl Gang, a magazine highlighting the work of female artists within the context of internet culture. Her collection of stories & poems, 'Alone With Other People', was published last year by Civil Coping Mechanism.

We are looking forward to hosting this exciting group! It promises to be a packed night, so resist following "Montreal time" and get here early. See you there! 

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