TONIGHT! 7pm - John Porcellino launches The Hospital Suite!

We are excited to welcome mini-comics genius John Porcellino to the store to launch his new work, The Hospital Suite (Drawn & Quarterly)! Join us Tonight, Wednesday, September 17 at 7 p.m. for a presentation, a signing of books, and a special screening of Root Hog or Die, a film about Porcellino himself!

The Hospital Suite is a landmark work by the celebrated cartoonist and small-press legend John Porcellino—an autobiographical collection detailing his struggles with illness in the 1990s and early 2000s.

Porcellino’s work is lauded for its universality and quiet, clear-eyed contemplation of everyday life. The Hospital Suite is a testimony to this subtle strength, making his struggles with the medical system and its consequences for his mental health accessible and engaging.

"In King Cat, Porcellino excels at peaceful Zen moments of observation. Here, his simple, black lines and bare-bones drawings have a powerful economy that present the story cleanly, without flourish, detailing a frightening and inescapable spiral into dysfunction without hyperbole. The result is a clear-eyed, penetrating book about the helplessness of illness which should bring Porcellino a wider audience beyond his cult following." - Publishers Weekly

John Porcellino was born in Chicago in 1968, and has been writing, drawing, and publishing minicomics, comics, and graphic novels for over twenty-five years. His celebrated self-published series King-Cat Comics, begun in 1989, has inspired a generation of cartoonists. According to artist Chris Ware, "John Porcellino's comics distill, in just a few lines and words, the feeling of simply being alive."

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