Recap: Kids Drawing Day with Ohara Hale!

Last Sunday, July 27, the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly hosted its fourth kids drawing day, with the fabulous Ohara Hale as this month's host. Copresented by Kids Pop, we celebrated the launch of Ohara's newest work, Who Did It?, a boxed set dealing with the tawdry subjects of burping, pooping, farting, peeing, and sneezing.

Ohara asked her shy audience which one they wanted her to read from to no response... the taboo topics of farting and pooping loomed heavy over the kiddies, we assume. She ended up choosing burping, the least serious of the crimes, which loosened everybody up a little bit.

Ohara read all five books, with a wide and seemingly limitless supply of different sound effects. The books all teach you that it's absolutely normal to toot and whatnot, but that you should try to be polite about it. Even if you can't manage it all the time, being considerate is usually your best bet. I know better than to fart on people now, all thanks to Ohara Hale.

After reading all five books, Ohara took to the stage to teach everyone how to draw different animals farting, peeing, and pooping. A farting cat, a pooping dog, a hippo with a big puddle of pee underneath it: these were among the many tutorials shown to an avid audience of artists.

Here is everyone hard at work recreating Ohara's adorable cat. Much work and detail went into accurate portrayals of fart clouds, which, if you are following the Hale Methodology of farts, looks like this:

So thanks to everyone for coming out last week, and for sharing brilliant drawings with us and saying things like, “I like to draw my people without bodies.” Kids Days are forever full of the wisdom of all you cool Montreal kids and parents.

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