TONIGHT: Conundrum Press Double Launch with Joe Ollmann and Alex Fellows

Join us on Saturday Oct 11 at 7 p.m. as Conundrum Press presents a double launch for Joe Ollmann's Omnibus collection Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People and Alex Fellows' graphic novel Spain & Morocco, hosted by Montreal luminary Billy Mavreas. The artists will sign books and give presentations.

Joe Ollmann has been called the best writer of short stories working in comics today and Happy Stories About Well-Adjusted People is the definitive collection of those stories. Although the term “graphic novel” has become widely accepted in the publishing industry and the culture at large, it describes long form works. 

This omnibus makes obvious that there is a need for a term to describe the short story version of the graphic novel. In the same way the short story has recently had a resurgence, winning many literary awards, so too the graphica version. Ollmann won the Doug Wright Award in 2007 for This Will All End in Tears, most of which is contained in this omnibus. The best stories from Chewing on Tinfoil are included, as well as two new stories, written just for this book. Introduction by Jeet Heer.

In Spain & Morocco, roommates Walt and Dan leave behind their uneventful lives for a backpacking trip through - you got it, Spain and Morocco. 

While hoping to marvel at beautiful sights, eat delicious food, and maybe hook up with some women, they find that those pleasures come at a price. The sights become hallucinations, the food overwhelms their senses, and the women they meet are much more than they bargained for. In his new graphic novel, Doug Wright Award-winning cartoonist Alex Fellows takes us on a journey that is as much about visiting foreign lands as it is about being young and trying to discover who you are.

Joe Ollmann lives in Hamilton, the Riviera of Southern Ontario. He is the winner of the Doug Wright Award for Best Book in 2007 and loser of the same award another time. He is the author of many books, including Science Fiction and Mid-Life.

Alex Fellows is a cartoonist-illustrator-animator hybrid. His first comic, Blank State, appeared as an online comic on the Fantagraphics website in 2002. He was awarded a Xeric Grant for his graphic novel Canvas, which also appeared under the Fantagraphics imprint, and was nominated for a Doug Wright Award in 2005. His work has been featured on Drawn!, CBC Books, Pitchfork, Grafika, and Applied Arts. He won a Doug Wright Award in 2011 (Best Emerging Talent) for the web version of Spain & Morocco.

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