Recap: Jon Paul Fiorentino Launches I'm Not Scared of You or Anything

Man, what a packed, wonderful night. What night do I speak of? Why last Saturday September 6th, of course, at the launch of store favourite Jon Paul Fiorentino's I'm Not Scared of You or Anything. This launch had quite possibly the most amount of beer any event has ever had: more PBR and Heineken than a first year Concordia party (I've changed my humour geographically for everyone. For your reference, on the West Coast that would be an Emily Carr University joke).

Another store favourite (we love all our children equally, guys), Dave McGimpsey, gave Jon's introduction, and as usual, he managed to infuse it with hilarity, warmth, and love. Dave makes every event he's at a calmer, more positive place. Basically what we're trying to say is that if you see Dave in the crowd, it's goin' to be a good night.

Dave's sweet intro left Jon at a loss for words (a situation he called "unfortunate, given the circumstances"), and he took a moment to introduce the audience to his father, who had just spent the past 45 minutes looking for parking. It served to reinforce Dave's introductory comment regarding Jon's sense of decency and love of family coming through in his work.

Jon's reading was accompanied by projections by Maryanna Hardy, whose beautiful illustrations work alongside his stories. Her series of bits, the concept of which was to turn memes into high art, had the audience in hysterics. Teen Wolf accompanied by Slavoj Žižek quotes? Don't mind if I do.

Julie took a sneaky sneaky picture of some of the audience members enjoying themselves in varying degrees. Very nice.

Afterward, everyone stuck around to praise dear Jon and get their books signed. We could tell the audience had an amazing time. We laughed, we almost cried (well, I almost cried: the story of Jon's daughter's birth had me verklempt, for sure), we bought books. we drank... what more could you ask for?

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