Recap: Women in Clothes at the Rialto Hall

On Tuesday September 16, we were delighted to host Sheila Heiti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton for the launch of their engrossing collaborative book, Women in Clothes! The event took place at the beautiful Rialto Hall and included a thought-provoking discussion with Fiona Duncan, book-signing, and fittingly, a very energetic clothing swap!

We have compiled a photo recap for those of you who couldn't attend:

Women in Clothes: A handsome volume, if we ever saw one!
Kira and Kate, trusty booksellers for the evening

The Rialto Hall was packed with women (and other folks) in clothes!
Fiona facilitated an engaging discussion between the three editors. They talked about the process of putting the book together, of arranging and rearranging sections, of drawing inspiration from Anna Wintour's editing methods for Vogue, and of working to be "ceaseless interrogators of everything".

The idea of women complimenting each other came up several times. The editors talked about gaining an awareness of other women on the street as style allies of sorts, rather than competition. They are now more likely to tell other women that they look great! Sheila mentioned that Women in Clothes felt like more of an answer to the question "how should a person be?" than her now-classic 2010 book How Should A Person Be? All the anecdotes and perspectives come together to emphatically show that there is no ur-woman, and thus no one way that a woman (or person) should be. What a relief!

A Q&A session with the audience led to more discussion. Topics covered included changing clothing tastes after having kids; photos of our moms before they became moms; intergenerational fashion inspiration; and the knotty question of cultural appropriation in fashion.

Attendees lined up to get their books signed by Leanne, Heidi and Sheila!
What an inspiring signing table!
Then it was time for the clothing swap! And what a frenzy of swapping it was! Huge thank you to Gen of Empire Exchange and to Maya for helping us out with this!

Clothing swap participants were asked to pin short anecdotes to their items of clothing, in keeping with the themes of Women in Clothes. We were delighted with the results! Thank you to everyone who shared clothing and stories! Here are a few of the many, many pieces that were swapped, with their accompanying tales/memories/instructions:

D&Q staffers Marcela and Alex keeping it cool amid racks, hangers, various accoutrements, and eager swappers!
Garment-induced joy!
Heidi, Leanne, Sheila and Fiona were a pleasure to hang out with! We can only hope they will visit us again soon.

Fiona, Heidi, Leanne, Sheila
Leanne and Sheila with D&Q Editorial and Marketing Manager Julia Pohl-Miranda
A big thank you to Wendy Bush-Lister and Tricia Van Der Grient at Penguin Canada for helping us to set the event up! And thank you so much to everyone who attended. We hope you have been wearing and enjoying your new items of clothing! And reading your new book, of course.

For those who couldn't attend, we still have signed copies of Women in Clothes here at the store!

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