Drawn & Quarterly + Moomin + Tove 100 = Pure Magic AKA Moomin Deluxe

The crazy thing about this incredible deluxe edition of the complete Tove Jansson Moomin strips is that I could just post photos of it and you'd be so overwhelmed by its beauty and production value you'd probably drool all over your keyboard and black out, but as with all of Jansson's work, its beauty lays in its emotional complexity, not solely its aesthetic allure.

The book itself is enclosed in this gorgeous slip case, which shows our hero in his natural melancholy habitat. The colours on this bad boy are a thing to behold: so lovely and bold!

Another gorgeous production detail (pardon my seeming hyperbole) is this subtle little emboss job on the front of the book.

By the way, Helen and I lost our minds when we opened this up for the first time, mostly because of the hilarity of Moomin, Snork Maiden, and Moominpappa soaring through the air. Very appropriate. Also, check out that great poster.

All of the original strips are here, from the high-risk adventure of Moomin and the Brigands to the witty romance of Fuddler's Courtship and everything in between. It's amazing to flow from volume to volume, in one place, a process which lends itself well to a Sunday afternoon inside, sipping tea out of what else than a Moomin mug.

Before you think Drawn & Quarterly would be content to let it rest at that, lay your peepers on this: 28 pages of Tove Jansson's sketches. These beauties are yellowed, covered in glue, and bursting with more character than any reader will know what to do with. The book also comes with a beautifully written introduction by Drawn & Quarterly Creative Director Tom Devlin, and write-ups from Dylan Horrocks, James Kochalka, Megan Kelso, and Tom Hart.

Moomin: The Deluxe Edition: definitely not just for kids, definitely for everyone, definitely going to make you gaze wistfully towards the sky and praise the lords of print media.

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