TONIGHT! GN Book Club #8: One Hundred Demons (Lynda Barry)

Each month we host a Graphic Novel Book Club meeting, open to all, during which we hang out and informally discuss a featured graphic novel. The pick for the November meeting is Lynda Barry's One Hundred Demons!

We will meet at the 211 store on Wednesday, November 12th at 7 p.m. Discussion will be hosted by Drawn & Quarterly's Julia Pohl-Miranda. There will be refreshments and collective insight! We offer you a 20% discount on One Hundred Demons from October 15th until the meeting date.

One Hundred Demons is Lynda Barry's colllection of "autobifictionalographic" stories about the little (and big) embarrassments, life-changing heartaches, and rotten teenagers that define our childhoods. Whether she's writing about the way people's houses smell, the reasons babies are the best dancers, or a teenaged friend committing suicide, Barry captures the heart, the soul, the funk of life in these vibrantly watercolored pages.

" These stories all contain little grenades of meaning that tend to explode just after you've read the last line."--New York Times

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