TONIGHT: Graphic Novel Book Club #7: Lint (Chris Ware)

Each month we host a Graphic Novel Book Club meeting, open to all, during which we hang out and informally discuss a featured graphic novel. This month's pick is Chris Ware's Lint. We will meet at the 211 store on Wednesday, Ocotber 15th at 7 p.m. Discussion will be hosted by Drawn & Quarterly's Tom Devlin! There will be refreshments and collective insight! We offer you a 20% discount on Lint from now until the meeting date.
About the book:  One of the chapters of the ongoing Rusty Brown saga, Lint (ACME Novelty Library 20) works as a stand alone graphic novel focusing on the Rusty's bully, Jordan Wellington Lint or Jason. Each spread of the book is a year of Jordan's life—from birth to death.

Better get reading! We hope to see you there!

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