Recap: Conundrum Double Launch Joel Ollmann & Alex Fellows

Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend D&Q hosted a double launch for Conundrum Press. Joe Ollmann launched his collection Happy Stories About Well Adjusted People and Alex Fellows released Spain and Morocco. Joe seemed pretty convinced that nobody was going to show but there was a great turn out! The whole evening felt laid back, fun, and intimate.

Fellow cartoonist Billy Mavreas was there to introduce the boys and thank them for doing the important job of exposing "the horror of humanity" through their work; thanks guys! Joe & Alex both gave great PowerPoints giving some behind-the-scenes insight on their work.

Joe promised the new version of some of the old comics were improved as he talked about "Photoshop Blurs", "Terrible Lettering" and "Shitty Artwork" in his work (I guess that's some of his characteristic self deprecation) and discussed recurring motifs such as diarrhea and vomiting. Then he showed us a movie of one of his comics that he hired a 12 yr old to read, which was about hunting.

Alex showed us some of his amazing illustrations in various stages and revealed that originally the two main characters in Spain and Morocco were killed by a robot. Afterwards there was an informal Q&A and book signing. It was a great way to spend a Saturday night!

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