Recap: Dr. Mindy Carter launches The Teacher Monologues

On Saturday, September 13th, we hosted Dr. Mindy Carter for the launch of her latest, The Teacher Monologues, which examines the at-times-tricky relationship between being an artist and being a teacher. 

Check out this cheese spread, people! 


Mindy took the stage amidst applause from an audience made of colleagues, friends, and family, whom she thanked for supporting her throughout her book-writing process. Her adorable young sons sat on the edge of the stage reading Tintin books, melting our hearts a little (a lot), while Mindy began reading one of the monologues from her book. 

Listening-and watching-Mindy read is amazing. It's like watching theatre (Mindy went to acting school before becoming a teacher, and she shares this experience in The Teacher Monologues). The monologue she read was written by a teacher who wants desperately for her students to care about the material she's presenting them- in this case, iambic pentameter in Romeo and Juliet. The teacher is galloping around, flailing her arms about, but doesn't care about looking 'crazy'-she grows more and more excited at knowing a student is about to 'get it'.

Mindy believes that teaching can be joyous like this, and that fine artists have a lot to offer as teachers- and yet so many fine arts graduates that get into teaching leave the profession within five years. The Teacher Monologues examines this and also includes interludes between its chapters, a space where Mindy was able to retain a sense of self as artist, professor, and collector of these experiences. It's a very special book! 

After Mindy's talk, there is a question and answer period that leads way to fascinating, intelligent discussion. The crowd is lively and so nice-thanks for the hugs, Mindy's mother-in-law, and thanks to everyone who came out!

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