Recap: Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller by Chloe Griffin

On October 9 D&Q celebrated the release of Edgewise: A Picture of Cookie Mueller by a reading and interview with author Chloe Griffin! Guests were treated to a slide presentation of pictures of Cookie and friends and some tasty bologna sandwiches (Cookie's favorite) as they streamed in and packed the house. The general level of excitement was high and the Librairie was pretty chaotic!

To start Chloe and friends staged a reading from the book re-enacting a hitchhiking fiasco as told by the girls, Cookie and her pals Sue Lowe and Mink Stole. This primed the audience -who were in stitches- for Cookie's combination of humorous charm and defiance exhibited in the screening that followed excerpting some of her best performances in film and on stage. As Chloe said, she's the older sister everyone wishes they had!

Next Joshua Pavan, the host of QueerCorps on CKUT 90.3FM, joined Chloe on stage for a conversation. She described her research process and emphasized her "amateurist" approach that is in the spirit of Cookie's own work. The book takes the form of an oral history and all of the interviews are seamlessly intertwined and layered making it feel like one big conversation about Cookie's life.

After a Q&A there was a final screening of Super 8 home movies showing footage of Chloe's pilgrimage to Provincetown and Baltimore. Everybody stayed for a while after the presentation drinking wine, getting books signed and checking out the Cookie shrine which featured some of her very rare out of print books and posters. The whole evening had a very personal touch and it felt like a terrific homage to Cookie Mueller.

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