Recap: Eleanor Catton in Conversation with Heather O'Neill

On September 21st we were delighted to have Eleanor Catton and Heather O'Neill in conversation right here at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly. Thanks to Blue Metropolis for co-hosting the event and Greg for introducing our guests!

He piqued our interest for the upcoming annual Blue Metropolis Literary Festival which will include a Mile End series this year - something to look forward to April 20-26 2015. Greg's introductory anecdote reminded us that in an industry where the "death of the book" scare is prominent, truly good literature still manages to engage and connect readers across the world. This much was proven to him when Eleanor Catton'smost recent novel, The Luminaries, brought together a room of strangers becoming the topic of heated conversation. This is testimony of its charms if its numerous awards and accolades, including the Booker Prize, the Governor General's Award for english fiction, shortlisting for the Walter Scott Prize and longlisting for the Bailey's Women's Prize for fiction, didn't already convince you!

Eleanor read an excerpt of her story to a rapt audience while more than one attendee closed their eyes savouring the words. Afterwards Heather and Eleanor chatted about the the book and Eleanor took time to answer questions from the audience. Heather's insights into The Luminaries were both interesting and funny and provided enough tantalizing detail to convince anyone who hasn't read it yet to pick it up.

Questions from the audience flowed conversationally and lots of laughs were had. Thanks to Eleanor who was incredibly gracious and candid sharing details of her research process and the sculpting of the story. Afterwards Eleanor and Heather stuck around to sign books books and chat with the crowd. A very successful evening! And we still have signed copies on hand!

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