Recap: SLS Reading Series, October 4

The store was crowded on Saturday October 4, as people gathered en masse for another exciting reading. Soren Stockman introduced the writers with great praise. The mini-program featured two writers from Montreal, Jon Paul Fiorentino and John Golbach, as well as Brooklyn-based Brenda Shaughnessy! 

The reading started with Jon Paul Fiorentino, who read poetry, since as he said “everyone loves poetry”! Funny and witty, Fiorentino read a few pieces that he described as “a poem  about being drunk, a poem about home, a poem about a famous mass murderer and a poem about the last person to be hanged in Winnipeg”. 

He concluded by reading from Indexical Elegies, a collection written when, as he said, “he started being good at poetry”. His final poem, Leaving Mile End, ended with a sententious “After all, you won’t be leaving Mile End” Haha!

Next was John Golbach, reading from his novel The Devil and the DetectiveGoldbach introduced us to his main character, Robert James, a private detective that gets a midnight call from a woman whose husband has been found dead, stabbed!

Last but not least was Brenda Shaughnessy, a Brooklyn-based poet and poetry editor at Tin House Magazine as well as an Assistant Professor of English and in the M.F.A. Program at Rutgers-Newark. 

Shaughnessy started by reading from her poetry collection, Human Dark with SugarShe read a series of brilliant poems, playing with poetry clich├ęs and calling the moon "a kind of ancient date-rape drug". After telling the audience she only had one sister, with whom she has a difficult relationship, she also read a poem named “I Wish I Had More Sisters”. 

The reading night ended on a great note, as the SLS members thanked Librairie Drawn and Quarterly and flattered us with many compliments.
It was a real pleasure to host the event!

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