Recap: SLS Reading Series, October 5

Drawn and Quarterly was glad to host the final SLS reading night, which took place on Sunday, October 5 and featured four of Montreal’s finest writers!

Anna Leventhal read first and delighted us with an excerpt from her short story collection Sweet Affliction, in which love seemed like a bottomless coffee: the more you drank, the more refills you got! Exploring the theme of infidelity between people, Leventhal’s realistic dialogues made more than one laugh.

Longlisted for Giller Prize and author of Us Conductors, Sean Micheals was next. He read a passage from his book, in which characters drank and danced swing on New York’s Broadway!

The reading continued with Mireille Silcoff, who read from her brilliant novel Chez L’Arabe, a debut collection inspired by her own medical struggle.

Arjun Basu ended the SLS reading night with an excerpt from Waiting for the Man, which is also longlisted for the Giller Prize. We meet Dick, the one-eyed photographer and Dan, the pizza guy! The narrator, a 35-year-old advertising copywriter, thought about what you can count as billable hours when working on an ad campaign. 

Once again, we were glad to host this last reading which brought an end to this enriching reading series! We're also alrealdy looking forward for next year's SLS readings!

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