The Best American Comics 2014 came out this week!

With stunning cover artwork by Jaime Hernandez! Bill Kartalopoulos and guest editor Scott McCloud -they really know their stuff- deliver a tremendous eclectic selection of comics with some of the best artists working in the medium today!

The Hive, Charles Burns
Marble Season, Gilbert Hernandez
Optic Nerve #13, Adrian Tomine
Drawn Together, R&A Crumb
The anthology is arranged into chapters that span today's comics landscape including Family Tree, Strange Adventures to Even Stranger Adventures, The Book of the Year is Not a Book, Oh, Crap-Webcomics!, The Kuiper Belt and Memory Boxes to name a few.

Letting It Go, Miriam Katin
Lose #4, Michael Deforge
Sonatina #2, Aidan Koch
Hawaii 1997, Sam Alden
Building Stories, Chris Ware

Come and check it out! It's an amazing, diverse glimpse into contemporary comics sure to win over newbies and avid comic readers alike!

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