It’s out today! Earthling by Aisha Franz

We’re very excited to announce that Earthling, Drawn and Quarterly’s new title, is out now!

As a matter of fact, Berlin-based illustrator and cartoonist Aisha Franz will be at the store on Thursday, November 6, at 7 p.m. You should definitely come by and enjoy some comics talk and refreshments with Franz and all the Drawn and Quarterly’s staff!

Earthling captures a brief moment in the lives of three women – two sisters and their lonely mother. Aisha Franz’s grey pencil renders perfectly the greyness of the trio’s suburban existence.

The smudgy pencil line creates an atmosphere of claustrophobia. Its blurriness also underlines the sadness inherent to the story.

"Earthling is an atmospheric and haunting account of the inevitability of losing the dream worlds of childhood.” says Drawn and Quarterly. In fact, it reminded me strongly of my own teenage years, and days spent fooling around in the South Shore. Aisha Franz’s characters smoke cigarettes in vacant lots and feel sorry about hooking up with careless jerks.

In this moving story, the mother also finds herself alone. Unable to contain her sadness, she frequently loses her temper. 

Her younger daughter retreats into a fantasy world, and talks with a new imaginary friend vaguely reminiscent of E.T. As for her older daughter, she discovers sexuality through late night booty calls and romantic disappoinment.

Earthling is a beautiful and earnest book. Its female characters are touching, and address different life issues that many will relate to. Read this !

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