Recap: Wesley Craig’s launch of Black Hand Comics on Saturday October 18

On Saturday October 18, Wesley Craig, co-creator of Deadly Class with Rick Remender, launched his book Black Hand Comics, (Image Comics). The Montrealer and store’s neighbour had brought with him old-fashioned soda bottles, Cracker Jack, homemade cookies and salted peanuts!

Working in Montreal, Craig has been drawing comic books professionally since 2004. He told the audience that Black Hand Comics was his first real baby, as he entirely designed it, from stories to visuals. 

The author talked about a few works that had inspired him, like Black Mask, AC Comics, pulp magazines from the 1930’s and The Twilight Zone.

Craig then talked about his book, Black Hand Comics, which is made of three separate stories. The Grave Diggers Union, is about grave diggers that "trim the hedges, mow the lawn and stake the undead by night!" Spooky! The second story, Circus Day, is an adventure which unveils the hidden side of a circus. The Seed, the last story and the artist's favorite unfolds itself like a single panel!

The presentation was followed by Wesley Craig inviting the audience to eat the cookies his wife had kindly baked for the event. Everyone got their book signed and people left with their belly filled. 

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