Windows on the World: 50 Writers, 50 Views

We just received this beautiful new book! The contents of Matteo Pericoli's Windows on the World: 50 Writers, 50 Views might be familiar to readers of the Paris Review's blog, where he has had an ongoing writers and their windows series for several years. Now they are collected in this pretty volume.

Artist and architect Matteo Pericoli draws the window views of writers living all over the world. Each of his exquisite, detailed drawings is accompanied by an essay from the writer, describing what they see through their window, and reflecting on their connection to the outside world is as they write.

The endpapers provide a map with each writer's location conveniently pinpointed!

Here are some of the store's favourite writers and their windows:

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie writes about her window view in Lagos, Nigeria: " is a view choked with stories because it is full of people."

Karl Ove Knausgård writes about his window view in Glemmingebro, Sweden: "...something happens in repetition: sooner or later the heap of sameness, accumulated through all the identical days, starts to glide.... The view from my window is a reminder of this slow and invisible process."

Sheila Heti writes about her window view in Toronto and the elderly man framed in it every day: "He stares at his shrub while I stare at my computer.... Our bodies are opposite each other every day, and we stare at things, and wait for the emptiness to fill in."

Alejandro Zambra writes about his window view in Santiago, Chile: "I'm not sure that this little studio is the best place in the house to write. It's too hot in summer and too cold in winter. But I like this window."

This could be a pretty excellent holiday gift book...!

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