Gift Ideas: So Crafty

Do you have a burning desire to start doing something? Like, anything? Do you know and love someone who has a similar crazed look in their eye that betrays their inner turmoil over never having learned how to hem their pants? Look no further than the Librairie Drawn & Quarterly's craft book section!

Paper Mania:

From the incredible Purgatory Pie Press comes the definitive book on bookmaking, How to Make Books. How to Make Books has been on my shelf since I started art school, and has provided me with invaluable tips and techniques for all manner of books. If it suffers in any respect at all it's in its delightfully zine-ey design limiting those of us with intensely visual learning techniques. For which you'd have to look no further than:

Little Book of Book Making, which is chock-full of unique projects and tons of photos. It features book makers from around the world, with completely different takes on classic binding techniques. There's a modified coptic bind on p.107 that is tooooo diiiie for.

When you've made your book and you want to make yourself a magnificent cover, grab the Little Book of Lettering! With 185 pages of beautiful work from highly accomplished letterers, it provides you with all the inspiration you need to get going on a type treatment for your new line of ~luxury journals.~

Hem Spruce Sew

For when you find that perfect couch you simply can't pass up but someone else's cat had their way with it, Spruce is the ultimate upholstery guide by Amanda Brown, pre-approved by Design Sponge Queen Gracy Bonney. This book is so perfect for that friend who loves flea market shopping and saving beautiful old pieces from the dump. It's a full-colour photographed, step by step guide to everything from slip covers to re-padding couch cushions, and it is calling your name.

Anyone who sews for children will tell you that good, unique patterns are hard to come by. That's why the Japanese Craft Style series is so awesome. I mean look at this?! Who wouldn't want to make this for their kid?

We carry the Linen, Wool, Cotton Kids and Casual Sweet Clothes (for adults), and are able to order most of the other books in the series, such as Stylish Dress Book and Sew Chic Kids, for the loved one you'd like to convince to make you (or your children) new clothes.

Print Master

For a loved one you always see sketching or doodling, whose work you'd like to see on a t-shirt or on the walls of a hundred people, The Printmaking Bible is, well, the bible! Absolutely everything you need to know to get started on learning a variety of professionally used printing techniques! Basically an intro-level printmaking course in book form.

Printing by Hand teaches you techniques for hand printing that are not only easy to follow, but beautifully photographed throughout. This will be so inspirational for those you know that are dreaming of pursuing printing their work and want to do it in the most hands on way possible.

Print Liberation wants you to start screen printing and they want you to start screen printing right this minute! Step by step photographs and a can-do attitude that lets the person you are giving this to know that whether they have $40 to spend or $300, they can start screen printing right away. Don't let anything hold you back!

Now Pay Me For This

In addition to craft books, Librairie Drawn & Quarterly carries books in a category you could call Aspirational Creatives. Start someone off with Design School Wisdom, so they can immerse themselves in the lifestyle of making things, staying up late, and getting sh*t done. Also great and available at D&Q is Daily Rituals (not pictured here), for the day to day work habits of all your favourite artists/authors.

Learn the tools of your future trade with the Complete Artist's Manual, revised and repacked by Chronicle Books, and looking mighty spiffy. Great not only for those looking to pursue art in a "serious" capacity but also for that relative that is always sending you gorgeous watercolour cards whom you'd like to be able to have an in-depth resource to glean colour palettes, material information, and inspiration from.

Written in an approachable, forthright and refreshingly honest tone, Make Your Own Luck is perfect for your designer/illustrator friend or family member who is either still in, or fresh out of, school. Words of wisdom from a successful graphic designer who will give insights on how to collaborate, how to find an agent, and when to work for free. So great!

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