Out Today from Drawn & Quarterly! Pippi Won't Grow Up (Thank Goodness)

What a happy Tuesday today is, considering the newest installment in Drawn & Quarterly's Pippi series is now out! Pippi Won't Grow Up is the third in the translations of Astrid Lindgren's amazing Pippi comics, which are, as always, lustrously illustrated by Ingrid Vang Nyman.

Pippi is back, everybody, and she is just as cheeky as ever. In Pippi Won't Grow Up, she takes on school quizzes, refuses to be evicted from her home, and brings Tommy and Annika to visit the island where her father lives. And while those particular island adventures might shock modern readers, with this eloquent review on Bleeding Cool addressing why, Pippi still holds up.

But let's not even worry about the plots of these vignettes for a second, and look instead at what makes Pippi such a cool little winner. 

She's the master of sick disses and ridiculous non-sequiters. You do not want to be on the receiving end of one of her quips, because not only is it going to be massively on point, it's going to be hard to get back at someone who has zero self-consciousness.

She cares about animals! Sometimes quite possibly just a little bit more than humans! But it's really only because she knows that when she's around, everybody's safety is totally under control, so animals deserve her empathy as well.

Not to mention that Pippi is a liver of an independent lifestyle that surely grants her status as the original Single Lady. Next time some jerk tells you you need a boyfriend, just casually quote them the above. No arguing with that.

And so I leave you with this sassy butt pose from the queen of redheads (matched only, I imagine, by Anne Shirley), and ask that you spend this holiday season living as Pippi-esque-ly as possible.

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