Recap: Alex Leslie Book Launch

Alex Leslie's book launch started with a reading given by the author of The Id Kid, Linda Besner. She had never read at the store before, although she had attended many and bought a lot of books!

She read a series of poems which all had stolen titles. As she explained, she stoles her titles from papers she reads. Since she works as a journalist, she comes across a lot of strangely poetic schorlaly papers!

The next reader was Daniel Allen Cox, author of ShuckKrakow MeltBasement of Wolves, and the charmingly-titled Tattoo This Madness In. 

Since Daniel's grandmother had died the previous month, he wanted to read a piece that would celebrate this "fucking classy lady's" life. He accordingly read a short story, talking about a time when he visited his grandma in Florida, as a young man.

"Grandma, I think I have crabs", he had told her.
"Let's have a look", had replied the oh-so-gentle lady!

Leslie then went on stage and explained the structure of her book The Things I Heard About You. Each piece started with a paragraph that would break into smaller pieces, as the reading progressed.

Alex Leslie grew-up on the West Coast of Canada and all her writing was infused by her coastal upbringing. One of her poems was even titled "Pacific Phone book".

Let's hope Leslie will be back at the store soon, as the night was truly entertaining!

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