Recap: Sarah Lazarovic and Benjamin Errett both launch their book!

On the 29th of November, Sarah Lazarovic was at the store to launch her cute and colourful book A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy, based on a visual essay first published on The Hairpin.

She offered free paintings of things people highly coveted but ended up not buying. Friends and family were there to enjoy the activity. As with her book, it was a way for the author to advocate conscious consumerism in a very humorous way.

Sarah's husband, Benjamin Erret, was also launching his book, Elements of Wit: Mastering the Art of Being Interesting. Both admitted that the combination of a writer and an illustrator under the same roof sometimes proved to be a little crazy!

They described themselves as being creative neurotics, as they could be neurotic together about their Amazon ratings! 

Benjamin talked about his book, underlining that wit is something that could (and should) be cultivated.
"Feed that flame until it's a roaring bonfire", he said.

Adam Leith Gollner, who was the event's moderator, asked Sarah if Benjamin was witty when they first meet. Surprisingly, Sarah said no. "He brought coffee cake from Tim Hortons on our first date, he had a lot to learn."

Q & A was insightful and humorous. The couple's daughter even joined them on stage. Benjamin gave some advices on how to be witty, and Sarah talked about clothes she used to wear and covet during her teenage years.

The lovely evening ended with Benjamin saying his wife's book was "extremely witty". Let's hope to see those two "creative neurotics" very soon!

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