New! Michelle Tea's new memoir How To Grow Up

Michelle Tea—poet, novelist, memoirist, and scrappy queer icon—has a new memoir! It's called How To Grow Up and is written as a series of interconnected essays that chronicle Tea's long, meandering path towards something like Read Adulthood.

Tea is the much-celebrated author of such classics as The Chelsea Whistle, Valencia, Rent Girl, and The Passionate Mistakes and Intricate Corruption of One Girl in America, as well as the founder of seminal queer literary tour Sister Spit. In this new memoir, she may have traded her by-the-seat-of-her-pants punk life for a more "normal" day-to-day, but don't worry—the messy, funny, wholly relatable Michelle Tea hasn't gone anywhere! She's just exploring new ways of doing things now that she is in her 40s, married to her wife Dashiell, and a new parent.

How To Grow Up is darkly funny, poignant, and inspiring without veering into cheesy self-help territory. Tea shares advice and insights about relationships, breakups, money, the merits of taking the long and winding path to adulthood, and feminism. “When feminism felt like it was bumming out my reality, it was time to redefine what a feminist was,” she writes in the chapter “I’m So Vain.” Similar to Roxane Gay’s Bad Feminist, How To Grow Up embraces contradictions: You can obsess over wrinkle creams and cry at the sight of a beautiful purse and still be a feminist, obviously. Sometimes you just have to grow up a little bit to realize that fact.Dina Gachman at Bustle

Bonus: Check out this life advice conversation between Tea and queer comics artist & Sister Spit performer Nicole Georges (whose graphic coming-of-age memoir, Calling Dr. Laura, is always in stock here). 


 The First Bad Man, Miranda July

Girl in a Band, Kim Gordon

We Should All Be Feminists, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Bad Feminist, Roxane Gay

The Girl Who Was Saturday Night, Heather O'Neill

Us Conductors, Sean Michaels

Sweet Affliction, Anna Leventhal

Wendy, Walter Scott

My Struggle Book 1, Karl Ove Knausgaard

Polyamorous Love Song, Jacob Wren

Liberté - Printemps 2015

On a le nouveau Liberté en magasin! Que demander de mieux qu'une couverture jaune citron par nul autre que Diane Obomsawin, l'artiste talentueuse derrière le magnifique roman graphique On Loving Women?

En rafale:

7 textes de femmes sur le thème "Comment le féminisme pense la société?", une critique de Boyhood, une chronique de Mathieu Arsenault qui combine poésie, taverne et notes de Iphone...
et j'en passe!

Bref, le printemps est arrivé.

Just in! Little White Lies magazine!

We've just received Little White Lies, an absurdly pretty film magazine from the United Kingdom that delves deep into the latest movies.

This latest issue is all about Inherent Vice, turning the spotlight on director Paul Thomas Anderson and Thomas Pynchon, the author behind the original novel. Plus, they cover Birdman and Selma, and interview the likes of Emma Stone and Anna Kendrick. Everything you need to know post-Academy Awards!

In Stock: Phaidon's AKADEMIE X

We just got the beautiful new Phaidon book, Akademie X: Lessons in Art + Life, in stock! 

A play on student notebooks, Akademie X folds out to reveal life lessons, advice, and assignments from 36 different "tutors" or artists willing to impart their hard-earned wisdom, among them Marina Abramovic, Miranda July, Chris Kraus, and Shirley Tse. 

There's a colour-coded index to keep you organized--because you were totally organized in school, right?--and the "lessons" range from practical concerns ("Art Schools at Their Best and Worst") to the more esoteric ("A Lot of Things to Think About"). 

Swing by and take this art-course-in-a-book for a spin!

Just in: Home by Carson Ellis

We just got Carson Ellis's first solo project in, a children's picture book called Home!

Ellis is an illustrator who has previously worked for the Decemberists and for Colin Meloy's Wildwood series (he is also her husband).

She's crafted a loving tribute to the many places we call home: houses, ships, or shoes, underwater palaces or science fictionial domes. They all come to life in watercolours that are so very pretty. 

Get excited! We now carry Alain Farah's book, Ravenscrag!

We now carry copies of Alain Farah's translated novel, Ravenscrag (House of Anansi, 2015). Originally written in French, the book (shortlisted for the 2014 Governor's General Literary Awards), was translated by Lazer Lederhendler!

If you haven't read any of Farah's books yet, it's your chance to grab a copy of Ravenscrag and read it! Seize the occasion, as the author and his translator will be visiting the store next April.

Farah's a well-known figure in the Québécois literary scene. This one of a kind character is praised both for his writing and his unique charisma. He’s a regular contributor to Radio-Canada’s literature program, Plus on est de fous, plus on lit.

Often portrayed smoking an electronic cigarette, the writer’s obsession for Lady Gaga and his love of expensive suits are well-known. Farah embodies Léon Zitrone’s famous saying, « Qu’on parle de moi en bien ou en mal, peu importe. L’essentiel, c’est qu’on parle de moi. », roughly translated as “Talk about me in a good or a bad way, as long as you talk about me.”

Farah’s “tour de force” resides in his ability to captivate his readership with a narrative that never loses its momentum. As a matter of fact, Ravenscrag is the kind of book you read in one sitting. At times complex and experimental, Farah’s writing is nonetheless riveting.

Mixing facts and fiction, Ravenscrag investigates psychiatric unethical experimentations that took place on McGill’s campus, in the sixties. Is Alain Farah, who also teaches at McGill, haunted by the many ghosts wandering off the campus?

Infused with a good dose of experimentation, Farah’s writing is playful. 
And this is my point: he’s having fun. It’s clear that the author is not only writing, but is also playing with the concept of literature itself (he’s a literature teacher after all).

Warning! We should all be jealous of Farah’s talent to blend experimentations with a thrilling plot. At time self-reflective, Ravenscrag is in no way boring or academic. In fact, it gets as entertaining as the last Lego movie.

In Stock Now: Lucky Peach the Obsession Issue

On the menu this issue: buttermilk fried endives, gamjatang, english peas, gnocchi alla romana, and that's not at all! Expect profiles of some serious obsessions, excellent food journalism as always, and a new Dirty Dish Club comic from Lisa Hanawalt!

Tonight! SLS Montreal faculty reading #2 at Librairie Drawn & Quarterly

Great news: Summer Literary Seminars Montreal is hosting a mini-program this February! We are happy to be hosting two reading nights featuring members of the SLS faculty. You don’t need to be an SLS participant to attend: these readings are free and open to the public! Last night we enjoyed readings by CA Conrad, Stephanie Bolster and Greg Santos. Tonight, February 21st, come back for readings by Sean Michaels, Anna Leventhal, Melissa Bull and Jeff Miller. Readings will start at 7 p.m.

As always, this SLS Montreal program will be featuring an exciting faculty of Montreal writers, as well as a couple guests from out of town!

CA Conrad is the author of seven books including ECODEVIANCE: (Soma)tics for the Future Wilderness (Wave Books, 2014), A BEAUTIFUL MARSUPIAL AFTERNOON (Wave Books, 2012) and The Book of Frank (Wave Books, 2010).  A 2014 Lannan Fellow, a 2013 MacDowell Fellow, and a 2011 Pew Fellow, he also conducts workshops on (Soma)tic poetry and Ecopoetics.

Stephanie Bolster’s latest book, A Page from the Wonders of Life on Earth, was a finalist for the Pat Lowther Award, and more recent work was a finalist for the 2012 CBC/Canada Writes competition. Her first book, White Stone: The Alice Poems, won the Governor General's and the Gerald Lampert Awards in 1998. Editor of The Best Canadian Poetry in English 2008 and co-editor of Penned: Zoo Poems, she was born in Vancouver and teaches creative writing at Concordia University in Montréal, where she also coordinates the writing program.

Greg Santos is the author of two books, most recently Rabbit Punch! (DC Books, 2014) and The Emperor's Sofa (DC Books, 2010), along with several chapbooks. His writing has appeared in Geist, Matrix, The Feathertale Review, Cha: An Asian Literary Journal, The New Haven Review, Scrivener Creative Review, McSweeney's Internet Tendency, and The Best American Poetry blog, among other publications. He is the poetry editor for the online literary magazine carte blanche. He serves on the board of directors of The Quebec Writers' Federation and has taught creative writing to at-risk youth through Writers in the Community, as well as other organizations including New Haven Reads and LOVE: Leave Out Violence. He lives in Montreal with his wife and two kids.

Sean Michaels was born in Stirling, Scotland, in 1982. He is the winner of the 2014 Scotiabank Giller Prize for his novel Us Conductors (Random House/Tin House 2014). The recipient of two National Magazine Awards, Sean has written about music for The Guardian, McSweeney's, Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, Rolling Stone, and at his mp3blog Said the Gramophone. He lives in Montreal.

Anna Leventhal's acclaimed short story collection Sweet Affliction (Invisible Publishing)won the Quebec Writers' Federation's Concordia University First Book Prize. Her writing has appeared in Geist, Matrix, MaisonneuveThe Montreal Review of Books, and several short fiction anthologies, and on CBC radio. She was nominated for the Journey Prize, won a Quebec Writing Competition award, and was shortlisted for a Canada Writes award. She lives in Montreal.

Melissa Bull is a writer, editor and translator based in Montreal. Her writing has been featured in Event, Matrix, Lemon Hound, Broken Pencil, The Montreal Review of Books, Playboy and Maisonneuve. She has translated such authors as Kim Thuy, Évelyne de la Chenlière, Raymond Bock, Alexandre Soublière and Maude Smith Gagnon for various publications, including Maisonneuve, where she is the editor of the "Writing from Quebec" column. Melissa has a BA in creative writing from Concordia University and has taken writing workshops with Summer Literary Seminars Saint Petersburg and Montreal as well as with the Toronto New School. She is currently pursuing her MFA in creative writing at the University of British Columbia. Her collection of poetry, Rue, and her translation of Nelly Arcan's collection of essays and fiction, Burqa de chair, are forthcoming.
Jeff Miller has written and published the autobiographical Ghost Pine zine since 1996. His stories have appeared in several anthologies and his first collection, Ghost Pine: All Stories True, was released by Invisible Publishing in 2010. He is a regular book reviewer for Cult MTL and other publications. He lives in Montreal where he continues to write.

Now in Stock: Girl In A Band

Kim Gordon's highly anticipated memoir, Girl in a Band, arrived in store today...

When news about Kim and Thurston's split reached the public, people were upset. Understandably - for thirty years they were the golden alt couple, in love and making art together, and they made monogamy "cool". Gordon's memoir, emerging now that the dust has settled, is a riveting look at her life and the formation of identities.  

Kim's writing is honest and real as she reflects on growing up in Los Angeles, her relationship with her sadistic, schizophrenic brother, art school, her friendship with Dan Graham to her eventual move to New York, the formation of Sonic Youth and beyond...

"Male friendships were triangular in shape, and that allowed two men some version of intimacy. In retrospect, that's why I joined a band, so I could be inside that male dynamic, not staring in through a closed window but looking out." writes Gordon.

You're going to want to get out all your old Sonic Youth records and listen to them while you read this - and you're going to want to read this. Gordon's voice is seminal and Girl in a Band is history.

Comics Round Up: New books for 2015

The long awaited arrival of many new graphic novels finally happened today!

Scott McCloud's book tour for The Sculptor ended yesterday on the west coast but there's no shortage of reviews and interviews in circulation! You can read several at Kirkus, The Washington Post, Kabooooom!, or The AV Club. McCloud's much talked about graphic novel is his first work of fiction in twenty years and it's generating a lot of discussion. It may even be turned into a film!

 The Hernandez Brothers, New stories No. 7! Enough said. Get it here.

Saint Cole, the latest from Noah Van Scriver, is about our precarious times. Joe has a lousy job, a family to support, and a penchant for poor decision making. Paul Buhle for The Comics Journal said, "We are clearly in a historic moment, when the familiar restlessness of youth is anchored not in some existential yearning but in the reality of joblessness..." Read the rest of the review here!

From Fantagraphics - Guy Colwell's Inner City Romance - every issue of the underground comix collected in one edition. Filled with stories about prison, ghetto living, the sex trade and radical activism. "The unpleasant realities of life in the inner city, where opportunities were limited and being on the lowest end of the economic ladder meant that one's vision of the American dream was more about survival than lifestyle choices." Preview it here.

IDW is undertaking a new translation of Hugo Pratt's Corto Maltese series beginning with Under the Sign of Capricorn. It follows the adventures of Corto Maltese, a complex sailor anti-hero. Here's a nice preview.

Now in stock: The BOOKMOBILE Book!

We just received a beautiful new book that brings to life the memorable MOBILIVRE BOOKMOBILE project, an exhibition of artist books, zines and independent publications that traveled across the US and Canada from 2001-2005. Along the way, the organizers also gave a lot of workshops and talks, and collaborated with many amazing groups and individuals. This publication tells the tales of the making and of the doing, from the road and from the studio.

With reflective essays that examine some of the contemporary motivations and inspirations for the project, the book also contains many photographs, selections of books and zines that were part of the BOOKMOBILE's touring collections, tour guide diaries, and, of course, comics!

Zines and patches!
Inside the trailer and van! The trailer was retrofitted by NYC design collective Freecell.
The BOOKMOBILE on the road.

The book features a Tour Guides section, in which BOOKMOBILE organizers share their memories. Here's Anna Leventhal--now a decorated author (and friend of this bookstore!)
Choice zines in English...
...and in French!
This book was a real labour of love, and it shows! It features by Jon Davies, Andy Cornell & Lauren Jade Martin, Isabelle St. Amand, Catherine St. Amand, and Lauren Crahan & John Hartmann, artwork by Ginger Brooks Takahashi, and book design by Cecilia Berkovic. Leila Pourtavaf, Courtney Dailey & Onya Hogan-Finlay, all BOOKMOBILE organizers. You will also find tour stories, photos and comics by Sonja Ahlers, Peter Burr, Andy Cornell, Melissa Kramer Cresswell, Bita Mary Eslami, Sarah Evans, Sean Hemmerle, Hannah Jickling, Anna Leventhal, Lisbeth Pelsue, Mariev Robitaille, Catherine St-Amand, Oana Spinu, Mary Tremonte, Julia Hainer-Violand, Adam Wallacavage, and Rebecca Watt!

We can pretty much guarantee that The BOOKMOBILE Book will have you seeking out your nearest bookstores, zine distros, artist-run spaces, and DIY collectives! Maybe you will even be inspired to hit the road with your very own book trailer...

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