Now in Stock: Girl In A Band

Kim Gordon's highly anticipated memoir, Girl in a Band, arrived in store today...

When news about Kim and Thurston's split reached the public, people were upset. Understandably - for thirty years they were the golden alt couple, in love and making art together, and they made monogamy "cool". Gordon's memoir, emerging now that the dust has settled, is a riveting look at her life and the formation of identities.  

Kim's writing is honest and real as she reflects on growing up in Los Angeles, her relationship with her sadistic, schizophrenic brother, art school, her friendship with Dan Graham to her eventual move to New York, the formation of Sonic Youth and beyond...

"Male friendships were triangular in shape, and that allowed two men some version of intimacy. In retrospect, that's why I joined a band, so I could be inside that male dynamic, not staring in through a closed window but looking out." writes Gordon.

You're going to want to get out all your old Sonic Youth records and listen to them while you read this - and you're going to want to read this. Gordon's voice is seminal and Girl in a Band is history.

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