Out Today: Intelligent Sentient?

Luke Ramsey's Intelligent Sentient? published by Drawn & Quarterly officially hits shelves today! It's been billed as a print version of Koyaanisqatsi and it's an apt description of a sprawling, meditative work spanning civilizations and lifeforms.

Without text the reader is left to form the narrative themself, and meaning is everywhere as dense as the drawings are and as intricate and full of detail. It reads like a mystical text lost in time, full of creation myths, destruction stories, prophecies and enigmatic icons.

It looks both ancient and futuristic at the same time suggesting diverse civilizations or possibly only one at various stages in its evolution.

There's a prevalence of organic shapes, especially compact, rhizomatic forms that are evocative of snakes, forest foliage, or brain tissue. Snakes in particular paired with pyramids are a recurring motif from which stems the burgeoning paranoia that the mark of a secret society is everywhere yet seemingly undetected by everyone!

The foreign surgical procedure depicted here transplants a brain to the spot normally occupied by the heart - is this the utopian projection of an advanced society or one that has replaced empathy with logic?

Is Ramsey's galaxy populated by aliens or alienated humans? This seems to be one of the key question posed by Intelligent Sentient?

However, the illustrations suggest some kind of transcendence, cyclical renewal, or maybe...future salvation! Everything is connected.

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