Mini spotlight: Art on a budget

There's no reason to break the bank to get beautiful art (though there are certainly worse things to break the bank over) and here's a selection of books to beautify your coffee table for under $20.

Milk Teeth, Julie Morstad
Vancouver artist Julie Morstad creates dreamy, beautiful, unsettling scenes filled with animals and flowers and disembodied heads, giving a touch of the macabre to work that's been turned into wallpaper and featured on a Neko Case album.

Thought Factory, hannah_g and Leslie Supnet 
Published by Canadian indie press Intercopy, Thought Factory combines the whimsical micro-narratives of artist hannah_g with delicate, heartbreaking drawings by Leslie Supnet. The result is a surrealist look at creativity, postindustrial art, and the ineffability of ideas.

Idyll, Amber Albrecht
There is so much gorgeous, perfect detail in Albrecht's work, something new is bound to present itself with each new viewing. Her world is full of childhood dreams, impossible forests, and storybook magic, and is worth returning to again and again.

Les coquins, Marion Fayolle
In her minimalist illustrations, Fayolle pares down the contrivance of sexual relationships, distilling them down to metaphors that are at once surreally funny and a little too real. Whether her figures are equipped with guns and targets, bowling balls and pins, or playful kittens, the dynamics between them are immediately clear.

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