Colour Code is here!

The good people of Colour Code passed through this weekend and dropped off a bundle of their beauteous risograph printed books! Check out the Toronto based print studio and comics publisher if you haven't already.

Behold - limited edition copies of Marc Bell's Boutique Mag #1! (Stay tuned for more to come from Bell later this year - reputed to be his most prolonged use of the word "schnauzer" in a narrative ever...)

You never know what you'll find digging around in Seth Scriver's latest Blob Top, Blob Top #Two (but it might be a bronze nude wrapped in a gross old wet sweater and one of those chubby bottles with the styrofoam labels you can scratch off in strips - and it's beautiful.)

Juliana Neufeld's Next Morning captures without text the all-too-well-known "next morning" feeling. (Those eyes say everything.)

Get issues 2 and 3 of Michael Comeau's Hellberta as well as the esoteric Weight of Prayers. Benjamin Marra serves up vigilante justice (à la Death Wish) in Terror Assaulter O.M.W.O.T. (One Man War On Terror).

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