Tonight: Metatron's Spring Catalog - Launch & Reading!

Join us tonight at 7 p.m. for the launch of Metatron's spring catalog! Metatron is also celebrating its first birthday in March. Congratulations to them, and to all their writers! We are excited to see what comes next!

Metatron's spring catalog features new work from Sophia Katz (Toronto) and Sara Sutterlin (Montreal). Sophia and Sara will be reading at the event, along with two very special guests (to be announced in March). Hosting by Ashley Opheim and Guillaume Morissette!

The Title Of This Book Is An Inside Joke isn't quite a collection of poems, a novella or a diary, but something in between. Sophia Katz’s debut collection unfolds in a kind of real-time intimacy, through contemporary narratives that are at times funny, at times heart-breaking, and filled with interesting observations, brutal honesty and quick wit. A wonderful and totally engrossing reading experience.

Sophia Katz's writing has been published on Medium, Everyday Genius, Hobart, Electric Cereal, That Lit Site, The Bohemyth and has captured the attention of Flavorwire, Gawker, Dazed & Confused, Rhizome and Flare Magazine. This is her first collection of writing.

"Sara Sutterlin’s I Wanted To Be The Knife picks at the bones of modern romance by exploring the disappointments of intimacy and the loneliness of dissolving relationships. Her poems are brutal, funny and full of tender, ugly details that remind us of the compromises we make with ourselves and each other when in love."—Kristina Mahler

Sara Sutterlin is a Montreal-based writer and curates What Kind of Trouble? a poetry anthology featuring the work of women and female-identified persons. She has been published in Girls Get Busy, The Chapess, Inconnu Mag and other places in print and around the web. Her project The Nude Sincerity was published by NONPOROUS last year.

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