World Poetry Day, March 21

To celebrate World Poetry Day, here are some excerpts from books we like!

 Nombreux seront nos ennemis, Geneviève Desrosiers

mon conquistador, mon frigidaire, mon
auréolé, ma marque grise, mon charbon, ma
craie blanche, mon irrémédiable, ma colle
de charpentier, ma roche "

Something Happened To Me, Julian Flavin

"The Difference

The difference
between me and Leonard Cohen
is that he is a great writer
while I,
am  great

 Bourbon & Eventide, Mike Spry

"The city had grown simple. They were now measuring
themselves in the footsteps of the pedestrian,
and not eating enough fruit."

Tender Buttons, Gertrude Stein


What was use of a whole time to send and not send if there was to
be the kind of thing that made that come in. A letter was nicely sent."

Coeur de lion, Ariana Reines

"I don't like it when you say Take Care
When I take my leave of you."

A Little Death Around The Heart, Marie Darsigny


When people say Myspace is dead, I always reply,
"so is my ex-girlfriend."

Things to shout out loud at parties., Markus Almond

"Let's dance on the rooftops that look over the Hudson. I'll buy the drinks if you promise to smile even after you've grown bored."

À l'école de l'amour, Julie Doucet

"le coeur
invisible sous
le pantalon et
sous la robe"

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