Event recap: Megan Fernandes launches The Kingdom and After

On Thursday, March 19th, we were pleased to host the launch of Megan Fernandes's book of poetry, The Kingdom and After.

A large crowd attended, braving the (unseasonable, damnit) cold to support the Concordia professor, and were rewarded with homemade cookies. Introductions were made by Mike Spry ("author of the critically-ignored I Hope This Gets Me Tenure").

Lisa Hiton, Chicago native and recent Pushcart Prize nominee, kicked off the event by reading poems from a trip to Greece with a poetry mentor (during which she killed her first octopus) and from a post-break up manuscript titled Agony.

The Kingdom and After is Fernandes's third publication (after chapbooks Oregon Speech and Some Citrus Makes Me Blue) and from it she read poems on the loss of a close friend, heavy airplane conversations with a soldier, and India's Hijra community. She read an anti-hero love poem to Ulysses, told us about an asthma slash panic attack she had in Boston (“Boston is so lame you don’t want to die there”), and finished off the night with a piece of Alice in Wonderland's evil brunette twin.

Thanks to everyone who came out!

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