Event Recap: Metatron Spring Catalogue

Last Friday was Metatron's Spring Launch and it was extra special since they were celebrating their One Year Anniversary. Ashley and Guillaume, who hosted the night, dropped some exciting news: Jay Winston Ritchie will be joining their editorial team as assistant editor! 

David McGimpsey attended as a special guest and fulfilled a life long dream by taking the stage to Taylor Swift (McGimpsey pictured above "shaking it off"). He read from his forthcoming book, Asbestos Heights, and it's his classiest, most poetic book of poetry yet - full of flowers and Canadian history - so watch out for it in May!

Montrealer Sara Sutterlin gave a very composed reading from her chapbook I Wanted To Be The Knife. Metatron provided pins sporting both Sutterlin and Katz's work. Sutterlin read "You smell alive" which is the perfect epithet for her poetry, which delves into the abject and the intimate in love. 

To add to the already incredible lineup of the evening we had the EXCLUSIVE privilege of witnessing the former @Fairmountbagel, current @mtlbagelboy's identity revealed for the first time ever. His name is Joe Mcneill and he's the Jay-Z of bagels. You can read his story (public apology) here. And despite the initial backlash (potential lawsuit) he's now happily employed as the social media director for Uni Burger.

To end the evening Sophia Katz, visiting from Toronto, read from her chapbook The Title Of This Book Is An Inside Joke. (Get the pin: "Ohhhhhhhh my goddddddd fuck fucking f"!) We ate a lot of chips and there were even ambient sea punk visuals - it was a truly great night! For more on the event check out Jay's FOMO Report.

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