Event recap: The Mystics of Mile End launch

On April 22nd, we were thrilled to host the launch of Sigal Samuel's The Mystics of Mile End! What could be a better fit? Sigal graced us with a reading, and also engaged in a thoughtful on-stage conversation with Montreal writer Melissa Bull.

It was a full house! Sigal read an excerpt from the first section of the book, which is narrated by precocious youngster Lev. Lev is drawn to the mysterious and mystical activities of Mr. Katz, an older Mile End dweller who is made fun of by Hasidic families and hipsters alike for being strange. Together, out of toilet paper rolls and floss, they construct Mr. Katz's version of the Tree of Knowledge. The other three sections of the novel are narrated by Lev's father and sister, respectively, and finally by the neighbourhood itself!

Melissa Bull, who will be launching her own book, Rue, this Friday May 1st at the store, asked Sigal some insightful questions about her writing. Topics discussed include getting over the discomfort of centering religion and spirituality in contemporary writing; the seductiveness and transmission of obsessive ideas; the possible negative ramifications of searching for mystical knowledge (i.e. risking madness and/or death); and the art of writing from the point of view of a neighbourhood.

Copies of The Mystics of Mile End are available at the store! Come and get em!

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